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Rings We Like

Constellation Rings

We love walking late at night, holding hands and talking about the constellations. We always look for familiar ones when on vacation to orientate ourselves, and when we are apart to feel like we are at least sharing something. Our favorite constellations are the summer triangle (, Orion (, Cassiopeia (, and, of course, the Big Dipper ( We are also pretty excited when we spot the International Space Station zipping across the sky.


What we like about these rings: the thinness of the constellation lines and the sweet simplicity of the design.

What we don't like: too many star dots and the dots are all uniform. Stars appear larger and smaller in the sky due to their brightness/distance from earth.

What we like: the clarity of the constellations and the variety in star sizes. Also, the constellation of gemini is very sweetly done and perfect for a wedding ring, even though they are twins and not a married couple. (

What we don't like: the constellation lines are too thick.

What we like: the whimsical, almost child-like representation of the stars.

What we don't like: the messy dashes and the lack of clear constellations.

Constellations for Wedding Rings_edited.

We found some lovely constellation drawings. These are the ones we'd like, if possible. Gemini because they really look like a couple, the summer triangle because it is a special constellation for us, Leo for Steven's birthday and Taurus for mine. If having four is too difficult, we would choose the first two.

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